Who we are

Cage Works is a design company based in India. We provide design solutions for Automotive designing, Industrial designing, Product designing and Architectural designing. We don’t just 3D model, we create an art. With an experience of more than eight years, creating 3D models of almost everything, we have perfected our working style. All of the concepts designed by Cage Works are inspired by nature. You will find elegance, symmetry, subtlety and calmness in every concept.

Projects and Work

Cage Works started off as a 3D design company, providing 3D services for Automotive Industry, European Aviation Sector, Gaming Industry, etc.
In early 2013, the company built its first concept of an Automated Guided Vehicle for an Indian market. This concept could carry a weight of 150kg from point A to point B without any manual assistance. In late 2013, Cage Works started designing its own concepts for various body styles, which included hot-hatches, coupe’, bus, amphibious vehicle, 3 wheel rickshaw, etc.
In mid 2014, the company entered in the field of industrial designing, making designs for European aviation companies, designing cockpits and control systems for various planes and helicopters, which include Boeing 737 NG. In late 2014, Cage Works collaborated with RVM Cad soft, a well established institute and entered in the field of education, becoming one of the first institutes to provide a course in Automotive designing throughout Northern India.
In the year 2015, with its inspiring designs Cage Works is gearing towards producing futuristic interior designs for pre existing cars and architectural structures.

An ambitious Future

Cage Works sees itself designing new concepts for every industry regardless of its make. We believe in magic and that’s what we tend to deliver with our designs.


Cage Works has initiated a program for promoting individuals and groups of talented individuals in the field of music and sports. We provide a platform to budding musical bands and sports clubs.

Our Services

Automotive Design

The Automobile is one of the finest, most essential and successful invention of mankind. Ever since its birth, it is evolving constantly across the globe. We believe in this growth.

Architectural Design

Since the begining of Mankind, shelter has been one of the basic needs of every living race existing in the known world. Now, with the changing time this need has turned into a style statement.

Industrial Design

Industrial designs by Cage Works focuses principally on aesthetic and user-interface aspects of products.


With the heart for Art, Cage Works is always keen on educating emerging Artists to enhance their skills and knowledge.


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